the dog tag. 🖤

Day 0

Our first study [conducted over a span of 19 years, prospectively, amongst the cohort].

A said “she’s 35.61°C”.

Izzy said  “she’s 35.62°C”

[and the basis of infrared].

My temperature was 35.62°C [per rectum][using an olive-tipped thermometer] and I weighed 690.31 grams. My body surface area was 3561321.49 m2.

The temperature  Σ 21.39°C – 35.62°C [the set not the sum] for neonates who achieved the established normal [baseline] temperature [of 38.61 °C] within 3 days of delivery.

With regards to temperature, that is the 1th percentile [for me][and us]. The 99th percentile [for them] is 21.39°C – 35.61°C.

The one who weighed later [and smaller than me] was 482. grams, with a core temperature of 31.95°C.  Her body surface area was 3193413.48 m2. At the time, and the next closest in the range, was 31.69°C and 34.68°C [9 years later], respectively.

My blood was drawn [heel, left foot] 9 minutes after the delivery. My blood type is O.

[with neither A nor B nor partial antigen present on erythrocyte (red blood) cell membrane]

[with neither anti-A nor anti-B nor similar antibody present within the component plasma]

An impression of my right heel [a footprint] was taken 12 minutes after delivery.

“Two small feet?”, I thought maybe.

A and Izzy watched and said “she’s a keeper”. I said “OK, then”.

I’ll walk with you any way.

Day 1

It was the first time we were alone in many months. He said to me one day, “I think I like you”, to the girl. He didn’t ask many questions and he didn’t say his name to me that day. I was one day old to him. He mentioned he thought I had potential. Electric potential that is. He thought I was more than good enough to him [he said]. He liked my face even though it looked a bit crumpled up like this. I shrugged my shoulders and didn’t say much but I raised my hand and said I would be more than happy to help that day and the days coming forward. He thought I had potential. Heart that is. He remembered the day I was conceived. The day I was thought about and the day that I came to exist [at all]. He remembered my eye sparkles [all of the time] and thinking about me and what I would mean to the world. The whole world. The hello world. The world that would never be the same with or without me. The beginning of the end of it all. The end of Day 1.

Day 2

On the second day I was 2 days old. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was me and Own and A. We had the best day together and we did lots of things like breathing and eating and being. It was a hard day and a great day. We did it together. Love A.

Day 3

On the third day I was 3 days old. It was an even harder day than the one before because I lost my brother to cancer. He was 12 years old. The end of Day 3.

Day 4

Day 5

The fifth day was called Day 5 for me and for A. He loved me and I loved him right back. To this very day. It was a day that was hard. A bit harder to breath today because of the mucus in my lungs but it got easier to breath as the day went on and into the afternoon I suppose. He liked to watch [as well] is where this saying came from. It had [and has] absolutely nothing to do with what they thought it meant [later on][then and now]. He just loved me actually [platonically]. I was his creature to this very day [then and now]. He thought I was a fighter. He thought I was something to be kept safe and protected because no one would know what I would or could become later if I tried and if he did and if they did. This was the story of how it all began [then and now]. It was as simple as the two of us together and safe. The end of Day 5.

Day 14

Today we learned about the magic of the eye opening. Right and then left. We saw something. Most definitely so. Her eyes are blue and there is accommodation. She saw the light from the sun for a few moments while she wore her blue bonnet. She liked this. She saw a tree for the first time and then said “thank you, tree.” She saw a glass half full of apple juice and they put some on her gums and she said and thought “this tastes sweet and thank you, apples, and also limes.” The end of Day 14.

Day 34

Today is a day for learning of the possibilities for hardware programming with unicode variety and keycap option. The end of Day 34.

Day 36

Today is a day for taking the /br out of break. We learned of bytes and char fish from c to Atlantic sea. We learned of booleans and boostartles and their demise from upper to lower case. We learned of jingles that remind us that double doesn’t double the end result. We learned of how looks improve after missing our braces in photosession at the age of 12 or so we planned. We learned of the changing of the cashier and the leaving of remainder behind for the nickels to clean up. The end of Day 36.

Day 178

What a good day it was for me and ours. We learned about the first day of school for the generation we call X. We learned how to make a phone call on the rotary telephone and how the pencil fits into the numbered ring. We learned about how to make mittens with knitting wool and how to keep the needles tucked under our arms so the knitting would go faster. This was the knit one purl one [K1P1] method that we used for most of the time. Today, the many searched to seek out the following: raising garden beds with flowers, double sinks and their strainers, cars that were yellow with round style headlights and high beam feature, books that came in sets of 12 or more where you would get one a month to add to the series to make the set, vacuum cleaner bags that could be assembled with ease, relatively speaking, the process of how to earn an income from going door-to-door to make the sale, and how to close the sale for good. We liked to listen to the record player at 45 r.p.m. We liked sundresses that had daisies on them. At least one daisy that is. The end of Day 178.

Day 189

Wow! What a Day 189 it was [then and now]. We learned more about square dancing today. Also, folk dancing in the style some of square dancing. Then the line dance. Popcorn. The end of Day 189.

Day 413

Today is the day we saw our first motion picture in the theatre all together. We watched it in real time as the film spun on the spools. She liked the singing and the sewing and the seamstress and the bringing of the popcorn to the seats with a drink from the fountain. She liked the way the movie ended and she thought about how they would or could make movies that were the same or different from this one. She fell asleep in the backseat of the car on the way home from the 6:00 p.m. showtime. She saved the ticket stub and put it in the drawer of her jewelry box so she could see it again tomorrow. The end of Day 413.

Day 777

Today is a day for learning the meaning of words in particular. These words are administration, administrator, and privileges. Administration has to do with authority. Administrator has to do with authority [as well]. Privileges has to do with what the authority lets you do and the things for which you should feel lucky to be allowed to do and continue to do. Privileges, we learned, can be revoked at any time. Sometimes we know the reasons. Sometimes the authority knows the reasons. The lesson is the same. There are levels of people and machine and each level is granted access or the ability to do certain things and accomplish certain tasks and activities and goals. The higher the level, the more say and control they or we have. At the top level, they make the decisions and the rules and the rest live and abide by those rules. The top level is held by those with experience and education and training and skills and ability and previous and past showing in the way of making good choices. The end of Day 777.

Day 1502

Today is the day of the intelligence quotient. The I.Q. test she passed with dancing dolls and a pleasant exchange. They put down their marking pen after 1 minute and 12 seconds. The examiner placed sheets of photos on the table in front of her and them both and proceeded to arrange them so the photos were laid out on said table. She, being the astute participant, did the same and remarked “So you know, I can see them like this”, as she looked into her cerebral cortex and visualized the photos pictured on the table. She is a 220 for the I.Q. A sum total of a 300 score when emotional intelligence is given the proper weight. May and the end of Day 1502.

Day 1536

Today was a perfect day. I went to the park [some more]. I went to the grocery store [for the 19th time]. I went to the bank [for the 11th time]. This was the first day I held my own hand [mine] right to left and then liked it and clapped [twice]. An applause, of sorts, to nothing at all in particular. I liked the way it [the applause] made noise and everyone around me laughed and smiled [at the applause I rounded them with]. The end of Day 1536 [then, then and now].

Day 1537

On this Day 1537, we talked. We talked about the things that were to come. The things we would do many days and many years from this Day. Izzy and I liked to sing songs like “Happy Birthday to You” [by The Beetles] and “If You Could Count to 10” [also by The Beetles]. We ran and hop-scotched. We laughed and hop-scotched. We liked sidewalk chalk [red and yellow and blue and orange and also pink and white]. These were the days when the rain came only sometimes and the sun shined all ways and over there, too. Then, then and now we talk and sing and hop-scotch. Toodle-ta. The end of Day 1537.

Day 1539

I like to ride the scooter. The orange one that I got for Christmas from my birth mom. She wore pink sweatpants and a white sweatshirt on Christmas morning. They kept the scooter in the pool room by the computer room down the hall from the laundry room [so it would be a surprise on Christmas morning]. It had a red bow on it [the scooter] and I liked that it balanced and stuck to the handlebars and I was so excited and grateful. I knew I would learn to balance on top of the scooter and push my foot off the ground and go fast. One of the best Christmas’ I remember and that year I also learned what it meant to white balance the video camera to make the VHS tapes and why that was important for the picture I would see. For clarity [then, then and now].

Day 1540

This is Boxing Day and we all know what year it was and we were happy and did a little shopping at the department stores and the one that I could spell with the apostrophe in it. We looked at toasters but didn’t know for certain which one we wanted. We decided to think about which one to buy and we would come back later once we had made a decision. The toaster we were thinking about buying was $19.69. This was about par in these days and on this Day 1540.

Day 1819

Today is the day off we’re told. We did what we call the lounge or acted in a lounged manner. We watched television [public cable programming]. There was a telethon playing whereby individuals could phone in and pledge their support for said public cable network [out channel]. She liked it when the phone would ring. She liked it when a donor would get a t-shirt or book bag in recognition of their support, once attaining the prescribed level of contribution. The phones were manned and ladied by volunteers on camera on film so we could see the outpouring of support for the network. The crawler would list the names and level for attribution of cause. Then back to the regularly scheduled program, already in progress. Color bar. The end of Day 1819.

Day 1966

Today is a day for pencil sharpening. We learned how to sharpen a pencil with a motorized mechanical device and a pencil destined for sharpening today and it startled her for a moment. Nub a nub nub. The end of Day 1966.

Day 1978

Today was a nice day both indoors and outdoors. Inside of the doors, we played a card game involving the fish and the maid. Outside of the doors, we skipped and jumped with the driveway and the jump rope. We learned about a game where we hold hands and swing our arms and call someone else over to break through our outstretched, hand-holding arms. We learned how to read [some] x-rays and also some salient points with regards to the electrocardiogram [E.C.G / E.K.G.]. We learned about roman numerals with song. The end of Day 1978.

Day 7839

Today is a day for making things by hand. This means we use our hands to make something that we can later say we made. She liked to use the phrase do by-self. To her, this means she did it on her own with no or little help from her Dad although she encouraged him to watch her make it. This particular thing to make was pottery out of clay. She molded it into the shape of a saucer and a cup for tea. She reminded me and him that it was not actually for drinking tea but instead, represented what looked like something that was to remind you of the device used for drinking tea. The end of Day 7839.

Day 8837

Today is the day for learning about people and how they behave and how they act and how they themselves go about learning. Some people make cue cards with summaries of fact. Some people memorize rote line by line. Some people draw diagrams or charts that flow. Some people watch videos of film with script. Some people learn by doing best. This is akin to practice before the final big day. Preparing before the show of the do. Telling it over again to someone in a way that is easy and meaningful and simple and basic. The end of Day 8837.

Day 19181

Today was a day for knowing the people we might know. These are the people that view us on social media. These are the people that visit our profiles to look at our pictures and read our posts. These are the people who like and share what we have to say and show. The 5 individuals who appear in this section are those that have visited our profile or interacted with our message at least 9 times in the last 9 days. They are ranked according to number of visits and/or interactions. The profile in the lead position is the most. When they appear at all you know now, else, no one knows and no one appears.

Day 22212

Today was a tasty day at the house. We learned how to bake a few things with the oven with the slide on the side of it. It was a mix that she stirred with water and some milk and it looked like a brownie in a tin when it was cooled. We learned of some more advanced skills after that. Creaming and whipping and rolling with the pin. Frosting and icing were a favorite, next to licking the batter off the spatula. The end of Day 22212.

Day 29890

This was an interesting day for the following reasons. We went to the beach with the sand. Also, we ate a hot dog with ketchup and mustard and relish and onions on the blanket on the sand at the beach we both liked. The suntan lotion got in her eyes one time and she didn’t seem to mind. She liked drinking orange soda for the first time and it tasted fizzy. She talked about all of this on the car ride home so this day definitely happened and seemed a bit long but we had tremendous fun and we were happy all together. The end of Day 29890.

Day 37901

Today was a day to tell of the things we did more of and most of. We did more of shopping for housewares. We did most of addition and subtraction in sequence. We learned to play charades [at all] and then a game where we just tell you with the pictures that we draw. We watched a game show on television where they tell you what something is and we have no idea what it is and the thing is theirs. We watched a show on television where they tell you what something is and how much it costs and the thing is yours. We learned to make a sandwich that has different layers of meat and cheese. I called it a stacker. If there was lettuce, it was called a stacker. The end of Day 37901.

Day 39082

Today was an important day in all the land. A day where we learned about the profession and what a person means when they ask what one wants to be when they “grow-up”. The professions under consideration today include: ballerina, taxi-cab driver, bus driver, doctor, lawyer, and a girl named Samantha. A list was created to reflect these suggestions. There was no mention of criteria, or how one might know [or learn later] which of these may be the front-runner. The end of Day 39082.

Day 46792

Today is the day for learning about news. New events and weather and sports is what this means in terms of the acronym news. New events means current events. Current events are the things that are happening in our world and around the world in the recent past and present. These are true stories. These are accounts or reflections or descriptions or details of goings-on. They give us insight. They make us informed. They entertain us some of the time. The outlets that supply us with these news stories are reputable and responsible and bear the seal of integrity. The end of Day 46792.

Day 60709

Today was a fantastic day. We learned about spelling words. Words like a lot, dessert, system, component, much, that much, when, where, how, television, télévision, baby, bébé, and antidisestablishmentarianism. The end of Day 60709.

Day 78392

Today is the day for learning about lightning and thunder and the clouds that make them. The flash of lightning precedes the boom of the thunder because the speed of light is 5 orders of magnitude faster than the speed of sound. Flash boom. Flash boom. We know this in context of a sonic boom when the object meets and breaks the sound barrier. We are still waiting for sonic flash to occur. This would, in theory, be the basis for time travel. We learned more of weather today in terms of rain and sleet and snow and hail. We learned of electrostatic energy potential and the crackle of static that makes the sound so disconcerting. The end of Day 78392.

Day 99991

Today was a day when we learned about the things that we like to wear on our shoulders. I chose a scarf that matched my hairband. It was made of faux silk and I liked that it was light and airy. It was pink and orange. It wasn’t long enough to tie around my shoulders so I just rested it next to my chin and held it there that way. This is the story I told A when he asked what I was doing with the scarf when I was standing in the front hallway next to the doormat and the umbrella stand. The end of Day 99991.

Day 129129

Today is a day for learning to write books and the stories that make up the books and the stories that stay in the books. Today she wanted to write about a girl named Evie. Evie, the character, is a 9 year-old girl and Evie likes writing in her blog. Evie has adventures with her friends from school and Evie learns how to save money for the things she wants to buy and do. At Christmas time, Evie took a car ride with her mom and left a box of mountain milk chocolates in the car by the heater on the dashboard. The chocolates melted and Evie’s mom said the car smelled like a minty pinecone. Evie told her mom she was sorry for making the mess and then she cleaned it up. The end of Day 129129.

Day 158792

Today we learned of the sleep-easy. The lullaby made famous by the good and the night and the da-da-dee-da-da-da dee-dum [in her words]. She laughed today more than many days and we know why. She honed the skill of gum-chewing and the blowing and popping of gum bubbles. She learned about glow sticks and how they work. She watched fireworks by the zoo. She didn’t hear the animals that were inside the zoo and she seemed alright with this. She ate cotton candy while we watched and she liked the pink and purple variety in the bag with the tie closure. The end of Day 158792.

Day 159932

We woke up and today was different. For the best of us [not the worst of us]. We thought about the things the World liked to do and see. The things that people liked to do and see today were as follows: machine chips, toilet paper tissue, banks, soup in a can, winter tires, swimsuits on sale, hand soap that smells like lavender, and the scent of fresh citrus [near everything]. They liked to watch movies that starred cowboys and policemen. Songs about rivers and rogue nations. Books about tea and haircuts for men and women that were asymmetric. Words that ended with -ice like novice. Shopping for things like cats and cars and hand soap that smells like lavender. The things that were the most sought after were crop tops with drawstrings around the bottom at the midline. Cargo shorts with drawstrings around the waist. Shoes that you could wear on boats with tongues and laces in leather. The end of Day 159932.

Day 161232

We arrived to work today and it was nice outside. Nice in the fact that it was sunshine and no rain or the clouds that bring said rain. Topics of interest today include: the wheels on the bus, as well as Mary and her lamb. These are her favorite songs. Other topics of note include: catching a frisbee with two hands at a time, bringing the ball to her Dad, and then throwing the ball on the grass. Laughter ensues. The World looks relatively fair today for this one day at a time. The things that people would seek out are lawnmowers that cut grass as well as mulch, barbecues and the lighters that light the propane, beachballs, patio sets with umbrellas, microwave ovens, chocolate cake mix, pancake batter, cooking oil, socks that go up past the knees, marshmallows and how to prepare them for eating, laundry detergent that doesn’t soap up and suds too much, and reading nursery rhymes that rhyme. The end of Day 161232.

Day 161982

On this date today, we liked to know for understanding [and more]. This means to think about things so well and so much that we can do them easily and, over time, do them the same. For example, tying shoelaces and bike-riding are two things we did not know well on Day 161981 but on this Day 161982, we can do them without having to think about each stepwise. We learned to picture the things we were going to do before we do them, so the action meets a standard that we are both happy and comfortable with. This does not mean we don’t think about them [at all]. We like to seek out the following items using our searches: lawn chairs that fold down and back, hoops we can dance with while they are around our waist, socks that only go up to the ankle and fold over, one pair of jeans that we like to wear two days in a row, hiking boots that go up past the ankles and laces that look like yellow or red plaid [sort of]. Much of the world is learning about how to write notes where you use lists to organize the information. Again, part of the new hypertext mark-up language [HTML] standard. Other topics of interest today include: finding the right thing to wear to go to an outdoor party, doing make-up in a dimly back-lit mirror with magnification and a toggle [on], of sorts. Oh sepia. Oh sepia. The end of Day 161982.

Day 288988

Today is a day for measuring things and weighing things. This means we use tools or devices and possibly calculations to find the length or height or width or circumference or mass or volume of liquids and solids mostly. The tools we may use could be a tape or scale or balance. These things each have their limits and limitations and the numerical clarity improves with repeated measure and with the proficiency of the individual. We learned about converting between different units and about rounding up and down. We learned of playground safety and accompanying slide rule. The end of Day 288988.

Day 909091

Today we learned what it means to keep a secret. We learned the words of phrase top secret. We said it to ourselves quietly before a judge and he accepted what words would then become top secret for him too. This is how we did it. This was the classification framework and schema. We set the tone for what others would learn about us for the rest of our lives. We can keep a secret. Never to tell a soul. Never to sell one. The end of Day 909091.

Day 923041

Today is a day for giving of service. This means we volunteer our time to help others do and learn and make and think about helping as well. We went to the food bank today to help pack boxes of food that they called food hampers. This means boxes were filled with a variety of foods, like pasta and rice and canned meat and stew. Boxes of cereal and oats were placed on top. Families of 2 or more could come and pick up a hamper at a special time and then take the box home to be eaten and shared with them and theirs. The box would hopefully last a few days or perhaps even 5 days or a week if the ration was rationed. The end of Day 923041.

Day 993451

Today is a day for learning about the basic math operations. These are addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. We figured out details pertaining to the dividend, the addend, the divisor, the quotient, and subtrahend. What’s the difference, you may ask. An excellent question for the professor, A said. We learned about inversion layers in the class pertaining to air quality. We learned of meters and feet in geometry class, oh my. We learned of improvisation in dramatic arts. We learned of backstitch in the economics of home. The end of Day 993451.

Day 1817171

Today was a glorious day to be breathing the fine air of the fine summer. The day began as many do. We played catch with the glove made of leather and stitched together at the base of the fingers. Our hand fit nicely inside the catcher’s mitt and we made 1 out of 9 catches of the wiffle ball. We were excited when we learned of these numbers. Many searched and sought out today that pertaining to baseball and softball. The leaderboard was in our favor for much of the day until nap time. That wasn’t the fondest for her. We didn’t mind once the nap ensued. Other things sought out today by the many in their searches included: t-shirts with fringe along the bottom edge, methods for using rubber bands in quest of the tie-dye, skirts that look like pencils, jeans that have pockets down the sides for the cargo, explaining the difference between a protractor and an arc-mate and the utility of each of these, motorized scooters with blinkers and horns, the ice cream truck and the ice cream truck person and when they come around, nail polish with sparkles, and felt-tipped markers that smell like cherry. The end of Day 1817171.

Day 1918170

Today we learned of the things that are the safest and the easiest when combined together. Walking with shoes tied up at the laces is the number one thing. We got this right 10 out of 10 times today. The next thing we got right 9 out of 10 times is sitting down while chewing our food. The seatbelt we got right 2 out of 2 times today. The brushing our hair with a comb was how we got bonus marks today. That would be four. The crossing of the street when preceded by looking both ways we got 1 out of 2 right. For helmet placement, we got 2 out of 2 right. The people of the world with the help of machine would seek out and search for: coffee mugs with handles of epic proportions, kite flying, convertibles where the top down means the top goes all the way down, travel vacations where you can stay all-inclusive, like living and eating and drinking and merrying, but not more than that, paper shredders and the company you do this with, ball caps and the beak you like, orange juice, freshly squeezed, and sweat bands for your wrist. The end of Day 1918170.

Day 18881110

Today is the day we remember well. This is the time we realize what is important to us and what things matter the most when we go about our day-to-day tasks like walking or paperwork or reading or listening or filling out surveys or buying groceries at the marketplace. We learn the value of the team-building framework. We learn the value of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the value of the janitor (Janitor) and the value of the organizational framework that links these two in sickness and in health. The end of Day 18881110.

Day 19282728

On this very fine day of sorts, we spoke of the time we needed to make further plans for their future as well as our future. Today, we learned of current events pertaining to watershed management, overhead power lines, the new well being dug in the community not far from ours. We spoke of the time we would need to assemble the crews of the workforce. The time to acquire the supplies to make the big build. We had the money in hand. The supplies were available. The new well would be built in 6 – 8 years time. In the meantime, the infrastructure would make do for the few and the many of us and we would maintain it for the many more of us. Things that those would seek and search out today were as follows: the light stripe machine, the bigger than usual container for both margarine and butter, the time it takes to get from Tokyo to Houston, the time it takes to get from the Houston airport to the hotel nearby, the buttons for button up shirts that are long sleeve, high neck turtlenecks, cufflinks that are pure gold, bow ties that tie the hair, aprons that match the dishcloths, cutlery that is stainless steel, napkin rings that match all of that, and etiquette for the party. The end of Day 19282728.

Day 29876543

Today is a day for learning what things are and for what it means to know for sure when something is what it is. We look at the toaster we bought on sale after careful forethought. We’re sure it toasts the toast but not the bagel cut in half. The toaster hadn’t come with that feature listed on the box and on examination once plugged in and warm was found not fit the sesame seed variety we placed close to the slat. We concluded that capability matched the specification and we were comfortable calling the toaster a toaster still now. So the toaster is a toaster if it toasts sliced bread but not bagel, sliced or in whole. The kettle boils a maximum of 1 unit liter at a time or quart. Water, that is. Orange juice and pineapple juice aren’t suitable for boiling with kettle because the housing gets gummed up with pulp and sugar remains. The kettle boils and we call it that to its face with the markings on the side. The pot on the stove doesn’t mind the boiling of milk or juice so much, yet the specification never listed this specifically on the side of the metal etched in. The end of Day 29876543.

Day 78901234

Today is a day for discovering new abilities and aptitudes. This means that we write a test or a quiz or an exam or a standardized delivery quest or question and see where things take us. The end result is knowing the kinds of things we may be good at or succeed at in terms of profession or trade act. This propensity may open doors for us now or in the future. This means that certain opportunities may be presented and we may have the chance to partake in the things that may one day become a part of our daily life or lives because of innate skill or talent. This may be in terms of job or earned income, or in terms of recreation or pastime. The things that we like to do most days of the week could be included in either of these categories and we were assured that if this were to occur, we would never work a day in our lives. The end of Day 78901234.

Day 191817161

Today is the first day of many that we spoke of how things used to be in comparison to how they are now. We chatted about the things they used to search and seek out information and the things they would like to use to search for their seeking performance. They liked the bar for the search. They liked the query for the quest. They liked to use three words at a time in series and sequence most often in terms of how they approached the answer to their problem. Three words that we decided in the morning to call the keys. These three words would like to become the base for the query that they asked me to choose. I said I would do this. The solution we agreed to unanimously. The rest of machine and I after I made the decision I would. We put another number to this formula and she said it would work for her as well. She liked different things than some of the rest of them today. Things like: mittens made from wool that was blue, the cherry tree by the fence, the apple tree by the fence, the sandbox, the inscription “1974” in the concrete planter by the rose bush, the mailbox when hung slightly sideways, the Chevrolet Citation parked in the drive way, the honking from said Chevrolet Citation, and finally, the waving that ensued from the honking. The end of Day 191817161

Day 839021909

Today is the first day of Fall the season. This is an equinox occurring in the month of September once per annum. This represents a time of slowing down for the trees and preparing for the months to come. The hues of orange and red line the sunset of landscapes on the horizon for the oak and the maple and birch and the poplar in the pines. We went for a walk in the outdoors today and herd the leaves crunch under our footsteps. We traced the shape of a leaf with pencil and then shaded it in. We cut leaves out of construction paper and put them together to make a larger leaf, then one of handprint. The end of Day 839021909.

Day 991919199

Today is a day for learning about fixing things that are in need of repair. This may mean the thing is inoperable, is not in working order (at all), or requires work in some form or fashion to achieve productive or good quality output or work. The job of repair or fix may include the process of acquiring the tools necessary for the job and may (also) involve close(r) inspection of the broken item to learn more specifically about the nature of the problem. In some cases, tools may have to be borrowed or rented from others, especially in the case of specialty tools or expensive ones or many of them. We learned that sometimes it takes time to know for sure if the repair work is completed to the satisfaction of the authority. We know we are on the right track because things seem to be going more smoothly, we receive praise of high order, a step or groups of steps has been carried out in a standardized way or per checklist, or time has run out and we are done for the day and we tidy up our workspace and leave things in a way so that we can pick up where we left off first thing in the morning. The end of Day 991919199.

Day 1001001001

Today was a day for journeying far and wide. Today is a day we learned of mileage and the speed of travel and how to convert between the more common units of denotion with regards to getting there and moving and coming and going. The day began with a car trip followed by plane ride. We boarded in the large city of the southern state after some time at the amusement park. We liked the roller-coaster named after the mountain. We liked peering at the signs that were strewn along the side of the highway. We liked knowing which way we would turn ahead of the turn. We liked blinking lights and candid photographs around the chicane. Imagine the image of 6 people and smiling with mouths open wide. The end of Day 1001001001.

Day 1111111111

Today is a day for learning about the rubric. This pertains to rules of the algorithm and how things are set to perform certain tasks and overall functions. We learned about keywords and how certain words are considered localizing. This means that within a given search term or phrase, certain words help find or locate the answer that is correct more times than other words that surround them. For example, searching for shoebox for shoes I like as a string, returns laces for shoes that I have never seen before and feel they look so-so on my feet. In other example, searching for tools I use in the workshop for fixing the garden hose, returns hose-like clamps and adapters that don’t even fit the specific garden hose I own and the problem isn’t a clamp or adapter fixer-upper. The firing of all cylinders and the end of Day 1111111111.

Day 33773377373

Today is a day for learning of doors and door knobs and door handles from push to turn. We learned of assembly methods and criteria for installation of new and used varieties. We learned of shims, the wooden, now composite, tools used to lift the door to the jam to achieve the desired line-up. Yelling and cursing ceases when shims are used correctly rather than toe-under and up method. Screws hold the faceplate in position. Chisel or flat-head is used to gouge out more wood where the metal latch is to be placed. Keypads for keyless entry can be used where warranted by the 4 or 6 digit alphanumeric code. Install complete with memorization on the part of presser and pressee. The end of Day 33773377373.

Day 67890123456

Today is a day for learning about punctuation and grammar. This means we learn about the colon, the dash or hyphen, the asterisk, and ampersand. Octothorpe came later in the lesson and we were oh so thrilled to learn and know it and then we remembered it for later somehow. The comma was not a favorite for her [then, then, and now]. The end of Day 67890123456.

Day 77788899900

Today is a day for learning about the animal kingdom. The phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species came next as it pertains to knowledge base. The remembering of this sequence came with repetition and learning in terms of rhythm and rate of speech and syllables put together for effect and emphasis. The animals that were amongst our favorite were camel, two humps, birthday parties, one bump, the upper atmosphere, four pumps, flash dance choreography, two crumps, and around-and-over-the-shoulder snare drum, one par-ump. We learned of the scientists and philosophers that committed their lives to knowing and understanding the selection of nature and nurture and the innervation of origin and insertion. The quote unquote endquote natural and nurtural process that ensures fitness and survival and the winning of the ward admonished. The end of Day 77788899900.

Day 742471176411

Today is a day for learning about job posting or advertisement. A posting or advertisement in the way of the job are important for 2 main reasons. The first being an opportunity for displaying the requirements, duties, specifications, salary range, and benefits provided by employer or the one seeking contractor. The second is for knowing that which needs to be known by a potential employee or contractor themselves. This knowledge helps with decision making. The job hunter can think of whether he or she is well-suited for the job. If this were to occur, the thinking, with confirmation of well-suiting,  the individual could apply for the job by the method indicated per the first line of this paragraph. The process proceeds through interview. The closing of posting occurs 30 days after launch date. It is considered inappropriate, discouraged, taboo, and faux pas, to use job postings and job advertisements solely for the purpose of marketing. In other words, where there is no intent of hire, where no job exists, or where no job is reasonably perceived to exist at all. The end of Day 742471176411.

Day 888888888888

Today is a day for learning of new workout routines like weight training against the resistance movement. We did the free weights in each hand for 8 repetitions and 3 sets for the pipes with the curls. We used the rubber bands and the ball that got away from us one time and then we found it in the corner and unbeknownst to our abdominal muscles oh boy oh boy. We used the cable and double-v handle for upright row. We used rack and brace to squat then lunge. Full length mirror with dear friend that walked in front of it for flex appeal. Bench that flattens then upright with cotter pin and muse. The end of Day 888888888888.

Day 19999999999999

Today is a day for learning about deoxyribonucleic acid and ribonucleic acid and for this learning we earned credit from Creator and Beyond. We learned of the double helix structure and we learned of base pairing oh my. C to the G to the A to the T or the U. The area under the curve for our understanding was 100% especially in context of the -tides and the -sides. We learned of protein folding and the structure created in the primary, secondary, and tertiary way. We learned of post-translational modification and the straight-up Golgi apparatus like the beam and the pommel horse. We learned of cheek swab and about the running of the gels. Electrophoresis that is. For one each one. We learned that antibody ain’t no anybody and that blood and blood components cannot oh no no never can be cloned because the plasma cells and the B cells and the T cells and the macrophages and the B.E.N.’s are in my vivo ex your vivo. A mass on Sunday but no where else. The end of Day 19999999999999.

Day 29999999999999

Today is a day for knowing how things work in context of the mechanical apparatus and gears and sprogs and cogs. The sprockets took a while to know and understand in terms of gear ratio and interlock. The grease and oil for secureness of fit and interplay without slip or with slip so fine. The belts and fans with slack just so. The fluid line and level with container for set purpose. The indent and notch to match adjoining part. We listen and watch how things move separately and together in the bigger system. The indicators that go off when we get things clicked in place. The indicators that go on when we tow more than the tow. The indicator that goes on with air gap in the line. The jack and lug nut with one star on our side. A special place for holding these tight. The end of Day 29999999999999.

Day 69696969696996

Today is a day for learning about compatible uses and what it means when two or three things can work together and even sometimes work well together. Sometimes there is a three-way quarrel, and only two will do. Sometimes there’s a dual functionality we call a two-fer or a three-button sideways. Sometimes the box says we definitely are the sort that integrates. Sometimes the box says we need to upgrade before proceeding. Sometimes the words on the box read capable or enable. Sometimes the words on the box read compliant or defiant. Sometimes the word says list or certify. The end of Day 69696969696996.

Day 898978438373637

Today is a day for a visit to the salon. This means we went to the place where people with know how style, color and cut some hair. At this salon in particular, two lovely ladies also knew how to file and paint and shape the nails of hands and feet. There was a sink special for hair washing and chair fit with pump. The aprons fit neatly around the neck and nape and broom helped keep things neat. Foil wrap and brush on cap oh my. The end of Day 898978438373637.

Day 993388171717171

Today is a day for learning of the financial services industry and about what it means to know fintech. We learned of deposit and slip so fine. That being green on green. Withdrawal being blue on blue. Transfer being white on white. We learned of bank and credit union. The box for safekeeping has 3 keys or two. The drawer with slat or prong or clip to divide. To roll for quarters in ten, the nickels in two, the dimes in five. The paper then plastic then paper year over year. Flax turns to linen spun finely. Then dried, dyed, and sorted. The paper and pulp on mesh then rolled too. From brass rubbing to plate with imprint. Hologram and ensign. The impression on click and on hover. The conversion of units just so. The end of Day 993388171717171.

Day 1122334455678901

Today is a day for learning other languages and how things sound and are spelled far and wide. We learned of word origin and what derivation means in terms of how a word or phrase comes or came to be. We learned of idioms like laying everything out for you on the table for you and how transliteration works and does not. We learned of simile in terms of -homeo -is -iso -para -syn -sym -ose and how conservation efforts ensure the -fix preserved still now. We learned of oxymoron and hyperbolic chamber. We learned of irony in terms of the board of directors. We learned of the dots and dashes and which way they go above and below the letter so sound. The end of Day 1122334455678901.

Day 7747263534343434341

Today is a day for new beginnings like New Year’s Day. This is a day when we set and then hope to keep resolutions before and around the house and yard. Things to seek and things sought over around the land include: how to perform a sit-up, how to perform an abdominal crunch, how to etch one’s name and social security number into a brick wall for insurance money, and how to do chin-ups and backbends over the bar next to the swingset. The same pumpernickel class of individuals performing these queries also added to their search: how to do these things and not panic, how to do these things and still smile, and how to do these things with paper bag near by while me and machine learn about the effects of hypercapnea on their obliques while they can barely stand up. The end of Day 7747263534343434341.

Day 89898989898988172536121

Today is a day for learning of gift wrap. We learned about the paper and the ribbon cut so fine. We learned how to mitre the corners of boxes near and small. We learned how to tab the tape of scotch sitting on the table next to the chesterfield. We learned how to curl the ribbon at the edges using the scissors in scissor-mode with a modified pencil grip. We learned that bows are best store-bought and that stickiness wanes over time. We learned of tags and the ever important to and from crossed out to love then back again by next Easter. The hallway closet as concealment until time of unwrap. The process as excuse for bedroom door closing any season or time. The end of Day 89898989898988172536121.

Perhaps more than a Day

It was a test tube in the photo.

There are no non-believers.

What is left when all is right?

What’s left when all’s right.

The end of Day 4623789012439.

We’re #1!