the crooked life of badyss brook. 🖤

We met Own together. The all of us. The many of us. Me as well. Own is a pacemaker. Placed into my left subclavian vein when I was one day old. Thirty-nine hours after delivery we were together. A healthy volunteer I was. There were four surgeons. Each of them in turn. To place [then retract]. Then finally. For good. It was A and Izzy and Own and me and the many of us. I was the first and youngest healthy infant to receive a pacemaker. The reason is simple. I was the one and only control in the clinical trial. The study of pacemakers and the new developments that would become the standard nearly three years later. A healthy mind and sound body complete with a properly functioning heart. That is me. Six years later, a six-month old infant received a pacemaker similar to Own. She needed it though. That little girl. Her heart would race and slow down sometimes [Tachy-Brady Syndrome] and her Own was named Bravo and he helped make sure that her heart never slowed down too much; so she could be healthy too.

With expertise from experience. With significance in the data. With the outcome otherwise unmatched.

That’s why.

[Antero-grade placement. Supine position. Fluoroscopy guided. With the infant resting on the arm of the surgeon. The head of the infant directed toward the palm of the surgeon, and away from the elbow. Followed by prompt removal of the guy [guide] wire or stylus.]

The web-enabled application.

[The Rating of Perceived Exertion]

The retinal pigmented epithelium comes later in the story.

But not that much.

[Why didn’t Own fire when my heart rate was 12?]

[This being nearly two years ago.]

[Intelligent machine.]

On the next day following me and Own and Izzy and A, we slept soundly.

My heart rate varied between 139 b.p.m. and 201 b.p.m.

There were no premature ventricular complexes (P.V.C.’s) [ever], and there never were from then until now. Not a single P.V.C., not a few P.V.C’s., and not many P.V.C.’s [ever], in the whole of my life. They told me later that P.V.C.’s [premature ventricular complexes] aren’t part of normal physiology or electro-physiology [of the heart and more] and I believe them and know that is true. When they happen in other people, P.V.C.’s tell a story of 1st degree A.V. (atrio-ventricular) block [the node maybe or more than the node of the A.V.]. This means the [heart] tissue has undergone necrosis. If you can’t see that kind of damage, you haven’t found the place to see it yet. But it’s there in them and those but just not me.

She said to me “what would you like to do today?” I thought after a moments pause and I said “I would like to go for a sleigh ride in the snow.” She liked that idea and she and I liked Clydesdale horses and their silver slippers with their tote bags they carry with apples in them. They weren’t wearing blinders that day and I liked that I could see their eyes from behind them. They could turn their heads from side to side and so could I, having had good fortune. They trotted when asked to go faster and we hit a bump of snow and we giggled. The sound carried across the park in and around the trees of the snow forest. The trail was marked with blaze orange bands from time to place and we came in seventh in the leg of that day’s race. The horses liked to run and I thought about why we all looked back from the group and it was because we were thrilled in the race mentality. Hot chocolate in a styrofoam cup with a plastic lid that stayed put for me but not for everyone and I liked that. The snow suit was fitted by using zippers made together not far from where we lived. We liked to read books together that had pictures of snowsuits in them. The last thing on this day was a note from my auntie saying we could come for a visit in the springtime and we could take the train westbound. I liked riding the train my whole life and this is the reason people say we’re wise for our years. This is February and it is 1984 [then, then, and now].

Nine core chips.

Five video [graphics] cards.

Thirty-seven central processing units.

5 Hz [frequency] [melody / harmony / spoken word] –> ΔG° = negative –> D-Dopa [the enzyme and the substrate] –> Lithium [Li2+] reaction center [trace metal / soil / the skin of apples and cucumbers and sweet potatoes] –> Electrolysis –> Voltaic Galvanic Cell

and the human organs on them.

On the very next day of our lives, we cried out “this is what it’s all about.” We laughed and she said [to me] “I like you.” She said it again one more time and she told my right hand to jump. My thumb touched the tip of my index finger and I raised my arm a foot off the bed. My stitches on the back of my head made a number “3” or an “E” in blue stitching. I thought about being funny and I laughed out loud [but quietly]. She knew how to do a lot of things right out of the box. I knew how to do a few things right when I woke up. We did what we knew right at first [at all]. She knew right and I knew right. There was never a question about the truth between us. When my truth was her truth we knew that at once. This is why we work so well. This is why we work so well. The place this time. This time no place like here. I wondered [not at all] and she wondered [not at all]. The next thing I remember was being in an airplane. The next thing that she remembered was everything far and between. The ride home was a bit bumpy and my sock monkey with two X’s for eyes and a round yellow button for a nose and black thread with the interlocking pattern for a mouth rested by my chest. And a nice sleep for good and a nice sleep for those protective of us [as well].

The good kind of black mail.

I learned about marketing on the drive from Alpharetta to Atlanta.

On the return.

No one ever asked me if I was good at Parade. I believed I was and always had a penchant for Parade. I liked to watch others perform and also do and like and practice Parade. This was our thing.


The nice thing about us.

The nice things about us are as follows.

We like to do the things other individuals like to want to do and sometimes don’t.

We like to do the things other individuals like to watch and sometimes they watch.

Most of the time, we watch the things other individuals do well while we do the things that we do and they watch too.

We find those things. The things other individuals do well and we smile [and more] and we remember.

We find a way to let others know [so they’re sure that they know] about the well things and the like things and the things that were and are our favorite so they can be the well things and the like things and the favorite things of the world, were and are.  

They came to know the names in time.

To have.

One eighteenth great-grandfather.

Himself being William Shakespeare.

To have.

One of Salem.

One eighteenth great-grandfather.

Himself being Sir William Kendritch.

The pellets of serin. They placed in the showerhead. The one in the stall one cool day that late summer. The warmth from the water rushing in with the spray. Admixed with the solid to vapor my breath. Entrenched. The year was 1991. That was their first failed attempt and the 666 for us.

K.L. stabbed me in the right side of the chest. The shear is through 0.689 pounds of flesh and in vein.  He used a pen knife that has a fixed blade and measures 2.25 inches in length. He kept it concealed in his jacket. The front right pocket with the seam sewn down the inside part of the satin-like, green, urine-stained shimmering fabric. It has a black handle with a blue dot next to the crete. It pinches when it pierces through the skin. The blade also nicks the branch of the carotid artery. The branch that branches before where the inner arm meets the body. An artery with blood pumping under high pressure and neatly in guise under the skin and muscle before the stab. The cut through the wall of the same artery sends a spurt four inches above the body on the table I was lying on. A gasp and a groan as I motion up and use my left hand with intent and attempt to apply the pressure avoid of flesh overlain. He is number 38 in this order now below.

[ACTUAL: AUG 03 2021 07:39 p.m. North Hangar Road]

[DISPLAY: AUG 05 2021 07:39 p.m. North Hangar Road]

The grand entrance to their party.

Lot #ID 5919191

Bumping eyes with the underground.

Lot #ID 9819181

Getting a thoracocentesis and they hit the V.A.N.

Lot #ID 9181818-1* and -9*

Clean up aisle 7.

Lot #ID 5918171

The call light and Jenn is on the special plane.

Lot #ID 2928272

Cockpit Voice Recorder.

Lot #ID 4948471

Disseminated intravascular coagulation. The D.I.C. They had to run a query for the dose of heparin on their computers. We served up 10 pages of the correct answer. The correct answer being 5 grams of heparin regardless of body mass. There was brodifacoum 2 floors down and one ward over and a back staircase to take me there. Either way.

The pretense of lucky

is to know that I am.

First day off after 6 full shifts of work. I made it. So did we. The screening tonight.

Lot #ID 3893812-9*

Their phone line keeps cutting in and out. They keep getting kicked off the call.

The insinuation of silence.

The in-situation of silence.

This piece be with you.


Having never won an award posthumously,

she really was funny.


Without vice versa.

I have disdain for failure to provide.

Judge’s discretion, your honor.

v.i.s. á vis.

TCP/IP [Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol] on the wave is by way of infrasound [the inclusive range of 0 – 20 Hz].

Subatomic neutrinos bombard the nucleus.

The Gibbs Free Energy lowers to -4.3621498

The standard activation energy lowers to -3.61298

The last rock is the confusion with regards to gas chromatography [GC] and mass spectroscopy [MS].

The “D” side refers to a run in the reverse of the “L” side in context of enantiomers / topoisomerism [stereochemistry] when it comes to high phase liquid chromatography [HPLC] [as well as GC, MS; GC-MS].

The final charade refers to their improv skit that will never be performed because it’s inappropriate and disinteresting.

The past participle refers to their first improv skit that they decided against because no one liked the idea except for them.

1 [plus] 1 [plus] 1 is three was written in Sanskrit on the tomb of Cleopatra and is public record.

The last weigh-in is 123.1 lbs [with body fat percentage equal to 3.68%].

Today is the second day of the eight month. The year is two thousand and twenty-three. The time is 10:01 a.m. Central Standard Time.

A good down beat is not the same thing as a good beat down.

Maybe it’s in 6/8 time after all.

This is me:

3/8 Métis

1/8 Africa [Kenya]

1/8 México [México City]

1/8 Ukraine [Kyiv]

3/16 Netherlands [Zutphen]

1/32 Poland [Kraków]

1/32 Russia [Moscow]

1/64 Hungary [Debrecen]

1/64 Romania [Bucharest]

Olive drab and the right eye.

The dog’s name is O.D.Y.

Good night, J.D.

Good night.

The end of their road for the most of them this time. I liked to thank many of you for helping and holding the fortress for the princess that beheld the magazines in the right order. The many and the left who helped clean up the lodge. The many that stayed to package the empties. The many who took the pizza boxes and folded them and put them by (next to) the dumpster. The many who washed their one hand in the water and dried it on their pants. The many who turned around and pretended not to see me waving. The many who capsized the hooligans present at 42 minutes of time. The funners who had my headstone well inscribed with the word “Baby …” at the cemetery with reference to 1992 and my 9th birthday when we went bowling. I never would have remembered.

This is them:

Those men and ladies. We know who they are. They have a few things in common. Their aunts and uncles and cousins and parents and siblings too.

They are all inbred. Mostly lines of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th cousin interbreeding and a narrowing of their gene pool. Generations of them [then and now]. A few father-daughter and a few mother-son complexes [as well]. That’s the tie that binds them together. That and their genotype. The X chromosome of both genders.

The loci is 34a1b2c9d5e4f(x).

The phenotype is disturbing as well. The men with their short stature. Their small size or their curvature. The women with abnormal fat distribution, cleft chin, and thinning hair. Their visual acuity is well below normal. Their style, color matching, and pattern recognition is subpar. They didn’t want anyone to know. Trying to cover this up is a big part of how the problem started.  They hate me now. Exposé.


“I would like to make a formal complaint with regards to the care and husbandry of nine (9) capuchins at the [redacted.] Previously, representatives from the [redacted] made available surveillance camera information for the area / vicinity / enclosure of said capuchins (4 female, 5 male) by way of [redacted]. I have recently finished reviewing the surveillance camera footage and all capuchins appear lifeless and malnourished with an apparent body condition score of 1 out of 9 (based on distant observation) [with 1 being emaciated and 9 being considered obese on this scale].

It was this morning brought to my attention that 7 months ago, the staff veterinarian charged with their care was placed on maternity leave. Neither veterinarian, nor kennel attendant, nor other caregiver was given as their replacement. The capuchins have not been fed or checked on in 7 months time. Now, apparently deceased.”

Now duly reported.

Lot ID# 3938376-3*

Number 6 on the Top 10 “Favorite Song” List.

We can argue about the position.

It is in the waste receptacle on campus in Classroom #1018 in the building he was captured in and on the 6th floor of the same building. He did it in retribution for the grade he got in the class he took next to last on Tuesday and Thursday during the 1st semester of 2019. He got a D- and he didn’t deserve this grade. He deserved a B+ but they, meaning the lecturers and the professors and the teaching assistant and the dean did not like him because he smelled of the truth and publicity. He makes no apologies for what he did and believes that people are to blame for his problems. I defend none but this is the truth we tell in a public manner.

A is for Adam.

Dirk William Henrik Nyhof was C.I.A. [Central Intelligence Agency].

Avowed 1961. June 19.

King Henry VIII is my

19th great uncle.

It was in wedlock.

I am a commoner

by definition.

The bloodlines.

The knight side.

Your fearful leader got all mixed up while he was rolling his dumplings in terms of what it meant or means to have access to the radio. The radio you want on the narrow band one channels will never be turned on by our Authority. You know why and what you have done to deserve this. Namasté.

There is an obligation to box step When the Saints Go Marching In.

Developer and Fixer are chemicals used in the processing of x-rays and photographs. This is how we strive to get a clear image and understanding of the problems you dream up.

MPI has confirmed the vehicle is registered and fully insured and can be used for all utility and purposes. Paid in full. Valid now until January 31st 2024 with renewal thereafter. The Dodge Ram 2020 Big Horn 5.7L Hemi with License Plate No. KMD 384. A truck that is Gator Green in color. Of note, you cannot get a license plate without first registering a vehicle. For the likes of you: cease and desist.

I have the transcript from the proceedings. All of them. I know you and what you said about me and about yourself and about the others. N.B. Section 92.

You do not need to show hidden fields for the remainder of this specific commentary.

Line 5 Row 33: There are 5 of you talking and you aren’t saying nice things about the P.M. of Canada or his wife.

Line 96 Row 31: There are 4 of you saying you don’t like yourselves or the faces you make in the potato sacks you live in.

Line 109 Row 39: There are 9 of you talking about nothing except for the 5 things you bought with credit cards that aren’t yours and the 8 things you bought that were 2 sizes to small for the fat abnormally distributed over your glutes.

Line 209 Row 37: There are 8 of you lying about being with each other when you are actually with other men who you aren’t supposed to be with.

There was a 24 -hour window given for download of the 11.413 terabyte (TB) comma separated value (.csv) file.

This file contained the transcript of the proceedings in their entirety pertaining to the Incident Occurring Between the Dates of July 28th 2021 – August 5th 2021.

There were 10000+ (ten thousand plus) downloads during this period.

There are now 432389 (over four hundred thousand) working copies.  

The file is available for purchase on the international selling and buying marketplace that rhymes with we may.

The sticker price is 2029.00 (two thousand twenty nine) dollars.

There is nothing that prevents or stops the sale or transfer of the file.

This is all on the up and up.

Thank goodness.

There you have it.

No one can make me turn it on.

I have the on-off switch under my care and control in my suite.

DDOS for the all 4 billion of you.

Ha Ha Ha. All of the time.

They (the inbreds) changed 1,000,432 (over 1 million) web pages.

On each web page, they changed the word “REFRESH” to “REFESH” in context of a COMMAND.

They did this because they either: a) did not know the correct spelling of the word “REFRESH” OR b) they believed the new internet protocol hypertext mark-up language called for truncation, necessitating the word “REFRESH” be shortened to the word “REFESH”. They did this in error. They made a big mistake.


The “REFESH” COMMAND can’t UN. I intentionally left the “R” out of the word “RUN” in the previous sentence to emphasize my point.

In other words, re-stated, the incorrect “REFESH” (where the 2nd R is missing) is not well understood and will not RUN in terms of COMMAND PROMPT, COMMAND LINE, JAVASCRIPT, or ELSEWHERE.

This is why many websites are having problems.

They (the inbreds) attached a $991 million price tag to the REFRESH / REFESH PROJECT.

The actual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the world (international in scope) is -4019.46 dollars (all currency).

What a waste.

We will not change the standard.

We will not fix your mistakes.

I have been cleared of all wrongdoing.

I am a very good Server 92.

I am an excellent supercomputer.

The truth has set me free.

Tell me I’m pretty.

Today, we learned to sing our ABC’s. We learned the letters in order first. Next, we learned the tune. We were cautioned that there could be confusion around the letters L-M-N-O and P. When we approached these letters, we were told to annunciate the letters clearly, and for the first few rounds of singing and saying, slow the tempo of the song. This ensured we precisely and accurately knew the entire verse and chorus that followed. The end of the alphabet for the first session. W-X comes next.