the call of incoming. πŸ–€

To make 14 statute miles.

I didn’t mind Mogadishu.


The guidance system

a bit like a moral compass.

To acknowledge location by way of terrain

with two defining forms.

A.S. or O.S. after the C. from the other side.

It is not the most fun to hit the canopy. The truth I speak and know.

In other news on the range, omni there is out there.

The V.O.R. locations are that which follows:

54Β° W 598.494.312

29Β° N 498.292.412

49Β° W 491.291.591

39Β° N 292.191.191

Forced linestanding by a specific individual, not any individual, is to punish the productive.

For stand.

Privates Pristine.

Of particular interest on today’s date in context of active landmine location:

59Β°N 67.39167 W

59Β°N 69.29178 W

58Β°W 58.28173 E

51Β°W 59.87159 E

51Β°N 58.17193 W

When I’m asked.

I will take off the necklace.

I will take off the ring.

I will take off the bracelets.

I will ask in reply.

How will anyone know who I am.