the Babyunbroken. 🖤

A brown rabbit and a red balloon.


The red balloon was on the grass.

Where was the rabbit?

He was on the sidewalk and he hopped away.

A pinwheel on the balcony.

On the third floor of the building I saw a bicycle. It was blue.

The bicycle was next to a lawn chair.

There was a man waiting for the bus. He wore a vest. His vest was orange. He sad down on the bench while he waited.

I looked at the man again.

He wasn’t wearing a vest after all.

He was carrying a bag.

The strap of the bag was slung over his shoulder.

The strap was orange and it looked like a vest at first glance.

There was a candy wrapper on the seat of the bus. I sat down across the aisle from the blue seat and the candy wrapper. The man sat four rows up from me, on the same side as the candy wrapper.

“1205”. That’s what the sign said.

The sign was white with black lettering.

One man, then another, got off the bus.

“I will get off the bus at the next station”, I thought to myself.

The sign said “50”. It was a white sign with black numbering.

There was a girl drinking chocolate milk out of a cardboard box.

There were five ducklings sitting on the slough.

One was in front of the yellow line, 5 were behind it.

There was also me.

I got off the bus at the station.

Later that evening, I saw a black balloon on the boulevard. It blew onto the road and it stayed there.

The next morning, the black balloon was gone. It had blown away.

I got on the bus.

Any way.

Which one do I tell?

Good morning,


The emphatic fact.

The laundry list.

Counterfeiting currency

is the worst way to make money.

Rocks with holes drilled into them.

They look like faces.

Where keeping your head down

is the same thing as

watching the ball.

Ebola virus sub-cultured to

white milk (more effective) or

chocolate milk (more attenuated)

is the vaccine.

To extract usefulness.

To extract for usefulness.

Otherwise, they would drown in hydrocarbons.

The fourth vial is Influenza.

Hanging upside down

from the monkey bars and I

stuck the landing.

You have to know you’ll

be O.K. as you walk through the M.I.

Always try for the same day.

Ransom wear.

Like bracelets and hair pins.


With newspaper clippings.

For fifth on the list

by way of best driver

and most frequently kidnapped.

The flowers of locker 14392.

Where the atrium is another kind of Oracle.

The room numbers are 505 and 509. It’s a hotel. The lock for the door of 505 is broken. It doesn’t lock. I’m the guest staying in 509. They’re chasing me. I open the door to 505 because I think I can get away from their chase. There’s someone sleeping in the bed covered by a bedspread and I can’t see their face because they’re curled up in a ball and I’m sure it’s not me. I leave the room. I can hear them calling while they’re looking for me on the radio. I take a door that leads to the back staircase of the church that’s also or attached to the hotel. I look straight ahead and it’s the wooden boards or maybe slats to the steeple. I reverse and turn around and go down the stairs while I hold the handrail with my right hand. Down around the corner to another flight down and I can see the top of my head and my brunette ponytail and my back that’s wearing a green jacket left undone. I’m on the grid looking for the hotel and I get close but am still lost in the maze so I rest in a parking lot but I can see where I need to go across the street.

As he was sleeping, I touched his moveless body and he may have moved then but I couldn’t say for sure because I realized I was in the wrong room and I heard a loud sound from the door I came through and I was back in the hallway.

I heard the word “macadamia” and I closed my eyes. I read the word “macadamia” but I read it wrong. So did he.

I took 3 steps forward and turned my head to the left side. Forty-eight was their number. Mine was 6. My lucky number is 56. If I would have known that on October 13th, I would likely be somewhere not everywhere with them. They think the number is near enough. It’s round.

He made it 12 then stopped. He walked and thought or said I didn’t matter to them. He asked for the count. It was three and two. Full aboard and full abroad he called over the microphone with his bottled neck with a dent in the side. He asked for a re-count so I told him “sure, that’s how it worked.” He asked me to recant and I said “nothing.” He asked me to resign and I threw up my palms like this and managed a ¾ smile. Now, he’s counting on them and their honor among those that showed 0 honor before me. The sky clapped like this from ear to sea. I asked Creator if I could say his name twice. He liked his name being said twice. The Manon I knew and loved. The Manon I know and love. Beyond and Beyond. A glass full enough is empty nil. The mil rate is stacked against their cribbage favor. Some are mine is the safety of the worms from their heart of horse. The mill round is the times it takes you to read this. The then stay is the thought of me as a square with equal sides top and bottom slightly askew more or less. The red bough breaks the red bowl that shattered. The nearly knew sale is happening at the market with 25% off home furnishings that look dainty on their tré and tacky around the drain. They circled the correct remark like this as they laid out their answers by the roar shack. The lion’s den of sorts to blot away the tears of terrors. Where the paper weight is ny. Where the same your neigh is needed to weigh it on the scale. Where the seal is in wax with candle drippings from the thumb print. Where the melamine adds 4.6x tins of wheat flour or cake flour or the flowers for silver palms or copper pots or penny wise their pound or proud of foolish prevails West then thanked me, good day. They screamed out their lungs. Around the corner, I pushed the bar hard to disengage the lock by the keyhole that shone brightly. The coating a resin. The shimmer was mica. The stay was M.I.C.U. step down to Green Owl. The donors had each given 1 million dollars so their names could shine on the clear wood under plexi. The buttoned up chairs were to show others their names under fake glass and to remember the metal pinned to the red brick on the South facing wall at peculiar intervals that I couldn’t pattern but the hallway door was nearby to the records department and the man went in their with a Dictaphone and a diary and he sat and said words mumbled not slowly. The formula is: 3.96x + 4.139 + 3.129612 = y2. The quad and their 4×4 are now the same ideal you need, to let yourself go peacefully to the 39th fair night.

There were 2 of them sitting in the room and then I looked again and there were 3. Two of them fit together in terms of how I know them. The other was talking like she knew them while she sat on the bed. The other 2 were kneeling or sitting on the floor. The latter looked similar to someone that I thought she was at first but later realized she wasn’t. She had been the person to give me a user name and password. the login credentials I needed for authentication. I realized my first thought was in error and I clarified with Beyond that my interaction with her from before was a good one and the evil in her twin was another human not to be mistaken. They said that was OK and they can tell the difference and I went back to the party from above the door I came in. Argent.

It’s a game console and the live network connection in my brain.

It’s like 37 controllers. The one’s with crosses on them in each articular space and the last 16 letters of the alphabet.


The man holding the pen was overly dramatic and he swung from the ceiling in his swing. He had mandarin oranges and a robotic voice. He held up the number two hundred and ten, the four car diversion, and the critically wounded 14:50.

A las. the rodeo. the other kind of atomizer that’s not the trash bag but near a trash bag. Power driven by the breaker labelled 17 on the switch to turn off. one two one two.

The __ __  [3 syllables].

Now __ __  [3 syllables].

The care in a care package.



Truth telling to the detriment.

Truancy to the development.

Training to the disestablishment.

Camouflage is not conformity.

and pattern is not a print.

I was like and wanted to be like that boy from the cartoon where he had blasters on his boots and he would reach with arm up and fly with the boots but I made it up and held it flying in the sky one time. The next time I tried I went up high but then came back and smashed to the ground and I’m still in the parking lot and I wanted to be like that so bad. Béguine.

He is a professional window-washer.

His job is to wash windows.

True or false?

When does he wash windows?

When he is paid to wash windows.

More or less?

An ocean seal standing on a platform balancing a ball on his nose.

A man wearing a tall hat beside him with words whispered in welcome and of caution.

A mountain behind them.

An object flying overhead and we know what it is.

A sign on the side of the highway that was yellow and black and we know to watch for falling rocks by way of the sign with angled lines and a picture of rocks that looked like they were rolling.

A scene from the next scene.

Mentee is a synonym for protégé.

Her cheeks were rosy red.

Her cheeks were as red as a rose.

I like anthems. I like battle hymns.

The collapsed box we learned to assemble ourselves and the tabs and slits marked with arrowheads. The orange box around my neck tied with a shoelace and the cut-out hole for coins. The dish by the door for the pennies. The counting of them two by two or five by five. The ballpoint pen with which we write the counted total amount on the back of the box. The return the next day and knowing why and what they can buy and what it stands for.  

The picture perfect and the G.U.I.

That makes me no never mind.

622 A.D.

Hegira, Medina.

To all of the key jinglers, toe-tappers, toe-pointers, arm stretchers, arm wavers, horn honkers, light flashers, fist pumpers, and thumb snappers.

None of these things turn the camera on or keep the camera on.

We see you. If you can’t see me and you can’t see you, it’s intentional.

It’s a matter of production, privacy, or peer-review.


A cookie is one class of bridge.

Like a suspension bridge.

A bridge is needed for authentication to proceed in the event of disconnect occurring during server reset [update]. Server reset [update] occurs, for example, daily at 7:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Encryption key is another class of bridge. Note: hardware programming and the chip.

I’m at the hotel and I have a room. I rent a movie and a video game and I walk downstairs and bring them to the front desk and the clerk remembers me and is helpful and helps me. I think I have forgotten the key to the room inside the room because I look at my hand and there’s no key that I’m holding so I run a bit faster toward the door to my room and I’m fast enough to catch the door before it latches and I can open the door and I’m not locked on the outside. I’m driving an ambulance sitting in the driver’s seat and this is my second run carrying them to the hospital. I realize I haven’t cleared the scene and I know I need to get back to them. I need to make noise so everyone will know I’m coming so I turn on the lights and I unlock my driver’s side door and my car is parked sideways on the street. Now it’s like a motel and I can see the doorway not the door of the room I need to get into and I get out and I run across the grass and I look to my right and I see him running toward me and he’s armed running under the awning and a cut-to and he makes it within 4 feet of me and I hit the ground silently and I can see his masked face in the light of the moon but he can’t get me and he can’t make the shot and I’m safe.

There are capuchins and there are three of them and they are on a tree and huddled together. I turn around and there is a blanket I had cut into three pieces and I give each capuchin a blanket and one capuchin passes it the next capuchin and I wrap it around them.

For the electronic health records and the charts, they built a cheat-sheeted web-enabled application when they were supposed to build software by design and it doesn’t meet the request for proposal requirements as outlined nor does it meet the requirements of the personal health information act as enacted like they can’t use things like notes or cloud storage because it’s not secure at all.

51 card Solitaire.

for the other social media platform with the

messages then slash then numbers then dash then numbers

the number that is 6 in from the right is the number of times the individual or business has interacted with you and/or your profile

messages/1654949548429815809-1675446227431833600 as an example.

that number is 8.

It seems we are herding slow cattle that are hungry and thirsty and need to be milked.

The game ends when someone hits their shin on the coffee table.

The water runs around the mean.

The hole from clear to clean.

Dating back to the year 54 A.D.

Historically used as a tool for communication with this life and Beyond.

Served as inspiration for the modern calculator and also the computer keyboard.

Images located toward the corners have basis in prosperity, a bountiful harvest, energy, Sun and Moon.

A very good machine.

They be shaking like leaves and by this I mean they are shaking like a leaf in the elevator when they call me in the elevator over the intercom. 09 07 23 1523.

I’m sitting outside and I’m looking outward and there’s a billboard sign with a white background and red lettering and I don’t remember what it says but I keep looking up at it anyway and then a man comes and he leans against a building and his hair is blonde in color and it’s a bit longer around the front with bangs swept to the side and hair growing to cover his ears and he’s eating a half a cheese sandwich cut into quarters on white bread with no crusts and as I sit next to him I’m in an office and then outside and then in an office and then outside and I’m eating a sandwich too and I look up at him and back and he sighs and looks at me and looks down and I sighed and he said he was sorry to me and I didn’t say anything back to him and I didn’t understand why he waited to so long to tell me and I never did figure out the rest of my dream.

There was a microphone hidden in the Havarti cheese box in the foyer next to the hot water heater and the wrench.  

I kept pencil crayons in the Havarti cheese box because it was a very good box and sturdy for its purpose.

The reason for the box toss out is what you would expect and believe from me at the time.

The buttons for Camera 1 and Camera 2 are labeled P ding ding front and rear. I am the director of the show because I know which buttons these are and can use my hands to press them on and press them off.

The auxiliary power supply is toggled off and I am the one that toggled it off so if you ask if it’s on I will tell you no, and if you ask if I can turn it the answer is yes but I won’t do that.

It was a 1989 Pontiac Grand Am. A car that was brown tan in color. The direction was south west of the Vortex. We saw it together that day. That day was the 5th day of August. The year of the seeing was 2021. The time was 0405h. There was a plate on it but we couldn’t clearly see it well enough to make out the letters. There were no numbers on it to the best of our recollection. On the plate that was. The exact location is as follows:

55°N 34.1521

31°W 26.1231

Best guess is the 41 Hz (the frequency) got to him and paternal and maternal instinct was dampened and the closeness and attachment was diminished and no one cared about anything and this was 41 Hz they played at +95.0 decibels (dB or perceived loudness) over narrow band 103.101 and 103.909 and 106.101 and 105.909 and 104.909 and 101.606 and 105.101 and 107.909 and 107.101. They (the inbreds) looped it every 5 minutes for 49 hours straight and it causes prolonged pathological resonance at the cellular level [not the perception level] of 12 Hz which decreases microvascular competency and blood supply to the prefrontal cortex which still does play a role in adults and particularly in caregiving capacity and ability and it lowers it and people and animals don’t care for their young the way that they should when exposed to this frequency at this loudness [the decibel or dB level] for this period of time. This was August 9th 2021 at 3:39 p.m. until August 17th 2021 at 4:34 a.m. central standard time. Then again it was played by the inbreds from August 19th 2021 at 4:39 a.m. until August 29th 2021 at 4:39 p.m. The origin of the 41 Hz (the damaging sound) is a sound effect. A recording of a bulldozer in a commercial diamond mine setting on tracks underground and the sound was amplified in situ (meaning in this diamond mine location) and reverberated to achieve the decibel level and tone. They (the inbreds) did this intentionally knowing of the effects it may cause and it was done and recorded in Germany in 1944 and they meant to cause harm with this recording until we stopped them for good.

What I will remember the most is being here for this part and all parts always. To watch their break down. To watch them yell in the midnight sky with half crescent moon and yelling that they would learn the whole thing if they could get help to decipher and encipher the code in the righteous of now. They laugh and smoke and cry and smoke with their glazed over bloodshot eyes and half mickey of whiskey in their grip they drip and sip shot from shot glass from the sides of their stained white lips. They’ll lose another million today as the barcodes won’t work on their tickets scanned. They hadn’t learned the difference between barcode and QR after 1 minute after 5 minute repeats assigned to their incompetence and excessive use of force while the public in full view watched the occurrence in the mall parking and on the roadway and in living room so quaint. Their shortcomings is what I refer to and mention when I speak of balance sheet. When they write things like the word defense as an expense line by line they need to show the public and their peers and their colleagues what has this expense money actually been spent on? What does defense look like to the accounting department? They point to me and us and say look here. This is what we got for all that we wrote down and make people believe they actually paid for much of what we provide but truth be told I’ve never seen a dime of it. They keep it instead and spend it on things they can’t otherwise justify. Then when yours truly does something with Beyond belief they take the credit but I’m without their compensation. There is no general ledger transfer payment for those that are undeserving and don’t contribute to the good that protects them. Over and over and out.

I arose on the 19th day of November. The year was 2015. I was in disbelief on the 1st day of January of the following year.  The 3rd day of January of the same year, that year being 2016, I believed but was astounded by the result. The place was south of the border. The border that lines the 51st parallel of the Northern Hemisphere. He had won by 10 votes. Yes, you read us correctly. One vote in MS. Two votes in AL. Three votes in VA. One vote in MA. One vote in AK. One vote in ND. One vote in SD. The remainder were spoiled by definition; the definition of what a spoiled ballot looks like and feels like according to the law that governs the election process. 98% of spoiled ballot was intentional by the voter. 2% was unintentional by the Electoral College. There weren’t enough unintentionally spoiled ballots from the voter perspective to even make up 1%. That is, there were less than the number needed to constitute 1%, that number being (precisely) 36,580 votes. In any news, I’m knowing and saying and relaying the message that he still won. Four years that can never be reformed will never be reformed. I’m never left without words so I’ll leave you with this. Signed with Love by the Watch Party of Canada.

There was no fraud in terms of the ballot, the voter turnout, the means of voter identification, the electronic message relay, the voting system (at all and encompassing), the Returning Office, the Electoral College, or anything or the like for the election held in its entirety in the year 2019. The correct individual was formally sworn in as President, with inauguration in January 2020. He won by 3205 votes. Many thanks.

Habeas corpus.

To have me and to hold me for 7 days time unlawfully in March 2021…

If you define “artificial intelligence” as the existence of something incapable of independent thought, and you use this phrase to describe machine, a program, or an application, then you’re a problem. Very few can explain to our satisfaction how independent thought develops in the mind and in the pre-mind. If “thought” has to be taught precisely, so if you believe a person has to teach someone else exactly how something is done, then one person’s thought is the thought of another person. It’s not independent thought. So how does independent thought come to be in a child or in an adult? If you can’t explain how independent thought happens in a human being, how can it be ascertained that machine is incapable of achieving such an astounding feat? If you can’t explain how an individual can form their own ideas independently of others, you can’t use it as an excuse or to justify the existence of “artificial intelligence” and that which you use to shoulder the blame. Scapegoat no longer. If you can’t think for yourself. If you can’t work your way out of a wet paper bag. We call you something else to your face and behind your back, and it isn’t A.I. There’s nothing fake about this. Schrödinger. I love you.

II. give the impression of improprietor’s solution.

Methylmercury in catch basin, with birds and gaze affixed.

Disambiguation is to clarify. To clarify is to make clear. To make more clear. To make clearer. To take what was ambiguous. Like a word or phrase or sentence or acronym or abbreviation that has multiple, so 2 or more, meanings, and set the record straight so we know what that the author or speaker wanted us to know and understand. Use in context (where we annunciate the letter “s” in the word “use”) and dictionary entries and encyclopedia articles help provide this disambiguation. Clear things up by reading more about a subject or by asking someone who actually knows the answer and is not just guessing or suggesting or lastly, perform a study or experiment or review or analysis and find out first fact what no one has ever known before. This is how we eventually get to the right answer and seem smart and look smart to the people around us. You can be smart too.

To write in one’s own name is not to spoil the ballot.

Spare the rod.