Neurolinguistic Programming.πŸ–€[Public Policy]

April 02 2023

[Do Not Freeze] / [Shelf Stability]

Supply Chain Management / Logistics

Subsidy [Subsidized] / Initiative / Directive

Foods: Canned Goods, Infant Formula, Dried Goods

Beverages: Bottled Water, Beer, Wine, Spirits, others

Electronics (including components), Pharmaceuticals [Drugs] and Medical Devices (including contraceptives), others

Temperature control [constant / monitored / log / record]

Between ** 10 – 14 degrees Celsius and 50 – 57 degrees Fahrenheit ** [unit conversion].

Storage to ensure integrity of [preserve] product and product packaging against crush / damage. [Promote air flow / circulation].

Minimize loss / Ensure quality / Ensure safety [damage to certain classes of product / devices may adversely impact their function / efficacy / ability to perform as designed / required].

[destructive / non-destructive testing to assess current conformance / compliance with applicable standards, then validation post-implementation].

March 29 2023 [see diagram]

The Economics of Neighborly [Neighbourly] Beautification

[Economic Stimulus / Health and Safety Mandate]

The microeconomics / macroeconomics of neighborly (neighbourly) beautification.

Based on the belief [system / structure] that the β€œwhole is greater than the sum of the component parts.”

Skill Set / Product / Service

Commodity [commodities] / Raw Materials

[New / Niche / Small(er) Scale] [Innovation = a novel idea with merit]

Final [finished] [Product / Service]

Utilization / Value


Wheat $1.00 [ flour / mill ]

Eggs $1.00

Milk $1.00

To make bread. [increased palatability [taste] / energy [calories] / nutrition [essential] / shelf stability [longer term storage] / team-building [comraderie] / culture [socialization / support / self [sustainability].

Bread  [ sold for $6 (and $3 profit) ]  or [ trade / barter ] [ex. caregiving [ licensed daycare with occasional space for accommodation ]] [ex. Hide [leather] / shoes ] / expanded (increased) capacity for doing something  [ex. travel to a neighboring town or village to acquire more raw materials] or [ survival ]. 



A $10,000 (“real value”) tax exemption (individual / business) as a component of public policy. [development] that is established and exists within the confines of legislation, good manufacturing practices, health and safety mandate [already in place].

Reporting / classification / emergency preparedness [we can account for it].

The β€œfeed in” to the system: one person’s expense is someone else’s revenue.