Neurolinguistic Programming. 🖤 [Medicine]

August 25 2023

The dose is 162. mg of acetylsalicylic acid as chewable tablet(s) when taken [and chewed] within 2 minutes onset of the symptoms of myocardial infarction [with absorption of ASA across the gastric mucosa] for a person with a body weight of 60 kg or close to it. The reduction in severity of final outcome is 46.291% and 0.01 is equal to p.

August 08 2023

It was a fibula fx not a tibia fx of the left leg of the RHP last evening.

In other news, today on the range, he stuck it to the man with a spiral fx of the radius. Left side. Left side. Ta-ta for now.

August 05 2023

The coffee [the type that is brewed and percolated].

The type you get at any one of the large variety retail coffee shops or chains.

On today’s date, the [Luteinizing Hormone aka L.H. aka “Elle-H”] per 250 mL of coffee [the strength] is 58% w/v.

When this coffee is ingested, the [blood plasma] level of L.H. becomes 3.6219 µg/mL.

The NORMAL physiological [peak] level of L.H. in [blood plasma] is 0.004 µg/mL.

The LD50 (rat) is 31%.

The LD50 (guinea pig) is 31%.

The is **LD50 (mouse] 12%.

The is **LD50 (human) 59% [based on experiments conducted in 1943-1944] with death occurring within 1-28 days following exposure.

Adverse health effects of L.H. pertain to feedback / biodegradation in context of Estrogen (another hormone).

Estrogen levels increase 4-fold.

L.H. is degraded within the body to an Estrogen precursor [note: structure] which is a non-competitive agonist of Estrogen [this metabolite binds and sticks and doesn’t let go of the receptor].

Adverse health effects include: BONE MARROW SUPPRESSION and APLASTIC ANEMIA as well as MOOD SWINGS [they’re not decent human beings].

They don’t feel well because they drink brewed and percolated coffee from one of the coffee shops / chains / retailers.

L.H. is added at 19 points in the processing of coffee [from the raw bean to retail].

L.H. [Luteinizing Hormone aka “Elle-H”] levels are so high at the moment it affects the taste of the coffee. The product is being returned for refund at the point-of-sale [they’re turning around in the drive-thru — you can taste it and you won’t feel well].

Every 41 days, they then add Progesterone [6% w/v] to induce “cyclicity”.

The vicious cycle [between the tail of two cities].

August 03 2023

The Polymerase Chain Reaction [PCR] primer for viruses in the families:

  • Flaviviridae
  • Bunyaviridae
  • Orthomyxovirus
  • Picornaviridae
  • Coronovirus

are ALL cross reactive.

The apparent problem with their school of thought (in terms of correctly identifying the virus of interest / concern) lies with 2-fold in the problem.

  1. The method of sample collection. The tube must be a RED TOP tube [no additive]. This tube will hold SERUM [eventually, after a period of 1 minute of time, following the collection of whole blood, followed by centrifugation at 3500 r.p.m. for 5 minutes, then followed by prompt decantation of the supernatant to another RED TOP tube]. If this is done in the field, there would have to be a mobile lab or a centrifuge and additional requisite equipment in the vehicle.
  2. Interpreting the results. READ THEM.

The birds and the people have INFLUENZA

[NOT West Nile Virus [WNV], NOT SARS Coronavirus-19 [“COVID”/”COVID-19”].

The serovar is as follows:

INFLUENZA A / Shanghai / 2019 / ATCC 3219817-9

It always was.

July 29 2023

Rheumatoid Arthritis [RA] / dietary component / Vitamin D3 > 10,000 I.U. once daily [sourced from a reputable / credible supply] [diet or supplement that is pharmaceutical grade] / improvement in clinical signs after 4 days / resolution of joint space pathology [via MR imaging] in 1 day.

Psoriasis / dietary and environmental component / Vitamin D1 > 10,000 I.U. once daily and Vitamin C > 1000 mg once every 48 hours [sourced from a reputable / credible supply] [diet or supplement that is pharmaceutical grade] / environmental contact with bees is protective [p=0.001].

Kidney Stone(s) / dietary component / Vitamin A < 1000 I.U. at a time [spaced by 2 hours or more] / Vitamin D1 > 10,000 I.U. [once daily] / Vitamin E > 1000 microgram (mcg) [once daily] / Vitamin D3 > 10,000 I.U. [once daily] / Vitamin B6 = 100 microgram (mcg) [once daily] / all sourced from a reputable / credible supply [diet or supplement that is pharmaceutical grade] / Note the white potato in terms of consumption.

June 25 2023

Transcription, strategies employed by the ss DNA virus.

[positive sense, (+)][Parvoviridae, Parvovirus].

There is no suitable cell-encoded DNA dependent DNA polymerase [in this context].

There is a viral encoded DNA dependent DNA polymerase that ensures that the transcript is done incorrectly [according to the cell’s terms / from the cell’s point of view / but facilitates a host-adapted state from the perspective of the virus].

ie. (+)ss DNA –> ds DNA (using the wrong strand as the template)[again, with reference to the cell and the cell’s point of view].

The result? We solve for the x. Adenosine rather than Uracil. A frameshift mutation [this is the error]. This error propagates. Lysogenize v. Lysis. At least for a few cell divisions, as it pertains to the microvilli of the duodenum, jejunum, and ileum. Also, the colon likes a healthy lining [as well]. Then and now. An escape, of sorts. An escape. An evasion. The immune system, for reference. Metronidazole and Amoxicillin is required, given this pathophysiology and pathogenicity. The virus, for reference. There is a similar need for pharmacological intervention in the case of [hemorrhagic] gastroenteritis [colitis] where the integrity of the gut wall [the side facing the lumen] is compromised [to the level of the submucosa / lamina propria or worse, even deeper than that]. For credit. Love A [then and now]

June 24 2023

Sickle Cell Anemia [Vitamin D in context of Vitamin C / the ratio of the two / Vitamin D:C needs to be 2.5:1 [or lower] / the study that examined the possible effects of this ratio [and alterations, in association with pathological disease [sickle cell anemia], had very low power [less than n=92. An n of 26 in that case]. Then and now. Related to cellular membrane integrity and resistance to osmotic stress. Vitamin D and Vitamin C are necessary for dimerization of disulfur-bonds {S = S}. A lack of Vitamin C in the proper ratio leads to scurvy [hypovitaminosis C] and Vitamin D:C ratio in excess of 2.5:1 leads to lower than needed levels of disulfur-bonds {S=S}. This leads to malformation of cellular membrane components [transmembrane protein bearing CD49], a conformational change in red blood cell shape [morphology], less robustness [overall] by the cell [decreased cell membrane integrity], the resulting sickle cell appearance of red blood cells, with effect on deformability and tolerance near and around the joint space [seen and felt as episodic arthralgia]. A dietary ratio of Vitamin D:C of 2.5:1 [or lower] is needed [ongoing], with clinical improvement noted within 1 turnover period [a period of approximately 25 days [RBC]]. Love A

Addendum: [potato v. plantain]

June 24 2023

Albumin is a surrogate for Erythropoietin [endogenously produced]. Exogenously administered EPO is found complexed with lead [Pb]. To tell the difference, with regards to “doping’ [scandal], one can use albumin blood levels [biochemistry], seen as hyperalbuminemia [endogenous EPO] / there IS a physiological reason to produce “albumin”  because there is a physiological reason to produce EPO [EPO = Albumin] ~ [subtle] hypoxia in context of RBC senescence [and increased production endogenously in the context of anemia / erythrocytopathia]. GS-HPLC can also be used per clinical specimen to assign a peak [attributable to EPO/albumin [endogenous] or EPI/albumin + lead [exogenous/doping]. Run it on the D side and I’ll tell you. Love A

Addendum: [correlation with MCH]