Neurolinguistic Programming. 🖤 [Biomedical Engineering / Molecular Genetics / Cell Biology]

April 23rd 2023

You can’t be that right and be wrong.

Patwa J, Flora SJS. Heavy Metal-Induced Cerebral Small Vessel Disease: Insights into Molecular Mechanisms and Possible Reversal Strategies. Int J Mol Sci. 2020 May 29;21(11):3862. doi: 10.3390/ijms21113862. PMID: 32485831; PMCID: PMC7313017.

April 21st 2023

pH = 6.99 [arterial blood] / August 11th 2021 [c’est moi] / this is γ

IgG [polymorphism] / Fc receptors / neonatal Fc receptor / FcRn

Vidarsson G, Dekkers G, Rispens T. IgG subclasses and allotypes: from structure to effector functions. Front Immunol. 2014 Oct 20;5:520. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2014.00520. PMID: 25368619; PMCID: PMC4202688.

April 16th 2023

On the horizon…[prudent antimicrobial use / multidrug resistance]

[antibiotic [bacteriocidal v. bacteriostatic] [aminoglycoside v. “aminoglycoside-like”] / antiviral] / gram negative “super bug” that is not “covered” [so well] with regards to the spectrum of vancomycin / hemolytic uremic syndrome p. 627 [emerging diseases] / shigella, toxin]

[d-glutamic acid [stereochemistry] / DNA gyrase inhibition [fluoroquinolone mechanism of action] / B. anthracis / c.f. Streptococcus [no activity] / Group C]

4 ATP vs. 2 ATP [glycolysis pathway]

[it always was.]

April 14th 2023

Antigen-Antibody Interaction [Protective Outcome] / IgA [double duty] / the secret is [n] / substrate 🖤 ] enzyme [to dimerize IgA (effectively and efficiently) rather than not to / D-Dopa / IgG3

April 5th 2023

Tobacco mosaic virus [TMV] / [bio]nanotechnology / electrolysis / battery [cell] electrode / lithium / nickel / cobalt / cadmium / land reclamation / bioremediation