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03/26/2023 8:00 a.m. CST until 03/27/2023 8:00 am CST

>>doctorxxxjenn * “the jenn show” * livestream*<<

channel details: doctorxxxjenn / “the jenn show” [*no nudity*]

live [cam / video] streaming / pay-per-view channel [broadcast] / $9.99 USD

03/26/2023 8:00 a.m. (CST) until 03/27/2023 8:00 a.m. (CST)

featuring 24 (total) hours of livestream (video) content.

intended audience: 18 years of age or older.

channel features:

enjoy some of the following with doctorxxxjenn on my show:

  • “the decibel and her devices” [ book club / journal club ]
  • “learning and what we can do with it”
  • “about an hour? I’ve got time”
  • ” ~ the function(s) of a SINE [ masterpiece theta (Ï´) ] ~ “
  • “the set screw” [ a tribute to reverse engineering ]
  • “of seismic proportions [ a segment where we want to talk about the weather, but don’t ]
  • “as such, this is our time to shine” [ a segment where we want to talk about the weather, and do ]
  • “we go back and forth” [ cybernetics 101 ]
  • “this will be huge” [ viewers choice / commentary ]
  • “the finale” [ oh, jenn ]


  • <headline> <body><expertise>
  • <my show doctorxxxjenn>
  • <my sense of humor>
  • <thank you and goodnight>


biomedical engineering, veterinary medicine, botany, world literature [22nd century], machine intelligence, <see turn-ons>, neurolinguistic programming <it’s code for we know it!>

personal statistics:

5’8″, brown hair, blue eyes, athletic build

[5.100 and 5.200 A+]

media contact:

Jennifer Joy Brenley Nyhof


CEO / Medical Director / Head of Neurolinguistic Programming / Network Administrator



“how to become (video) famous live streaming and make money and more.”

  1. Purchase Domain (note this is now a nested unordered list within an ordered list / the ul within the ol / in no particular order: GoDaddy.com / Name.com / Ionos.com) [N.B. secure socket layering [ie. the purchase of an SSL certificate] is also recommended / see you later ]
  2. Purchase WordPress Hosting [Business plan or greater is recommended / an SSL certificate is included in the Business plan [package] price] / true
  3. Install WPstream Plugin [purchase the plan that meets your needs]
  4. Install WooCommerce Plugin [if not already installed]
  5. Install WooCommerce One Page Checkout Plugin
  6. Install WooCommerce Thank You Pages Plugin
  7. Laptop / Tablet
  8. Samsung Galaxy [Android] [ex. AO3s]
  9. iPhone 6 [or higher]
  10. Larix Broadcaster App [Google Play / App Store]
  11. “How to broadcast a pay-per-view livestream” [WPstream]
  12. Broadcast to channel
  13. See <turn ons>