How to become (video) famous live streaming and make money and more. πŸ–€

  1. Purchase Domain ( / / [N.B. secure socket layering [ie. the purchase of an SSL certificate] is also recommended / see you later ]
  2. PurchaseΒ WordPressΒ HostingΒ [Business plan or greater is recommended / an SSL certificate is included in the Business plan [package] price] / true
  3. Install *PAY PER VIEW* LIVESTREAM CHANNEL [WORDPRESS] PluginΒ [TO BE DETERMINED ] and purchase the plan that meets your needs.
  4. Install WooCommerce Plugin [if not already installed]
  5. Install WooCommerce One Page Checkout Plugin
  6. Install WooCommerce Thank You Pages Plugin
  7. Laptop / Tablet
  8. Samsung Galaxy [Android] [ex. AO3s]
  9. iPhone 6 [or higher]
  10. Larix Broadcaster App [Google Play / App Store]
  11. How to broadcast a LIVESTREAM *PAY PER VIEW* CHANNEL.
  12. Broadcast to channel
  13. See <turn ons>