erotica. 🖤

my after school submission [15 minute read].

written by: jennifer joy brenley nyhof

chapter 1 🖤

I searched every pocket of my back pack for the millionth time. Fuck. I must have left them in the change room after practice. I bent down and tightened the laces of my new pink Taylor’s. I adjusted my skirt so it rode a little higher up on my waist.

I turned sideways, squeezing myself between the wall of the garage and the fence. The un-sanded wooden boards scraped against my thighs as I inched myself forward. I ran my hand down the wall until I could feel it: the secret socket my step-dad installed last year. I flicked it open and found the key safely stowed inside. I pushed against the wall with my free hand and managed to get enough leverage to thrust myself backward. I sighed, feeling a sense of personal satisfaction. I didn’t even need to call Aidan for help.

I giggled softly as I struggled to undo the buttons of my skirt. It finely came free. I folded it neatly and draped it over the back of the chair. If there weren’t any creases, it would save me time tomorrow morning. Detention start times are surprisingly non-negotiable. I balanced myself on the edge of my bed as I rolled down my socks. I crumpled them into a ball and threw them towards the laundry basket. I kept replaying what happened over and over in my head. I could feel my cheeks get warm as I blushed with embarrassment. Those girls had no idea why I hadn’t, but the solution seemed simple enough. I’m captain of the baseball team. I’m an honour roll student. I know what it takes to win.

Aidan’s text distracted me.

A: < I heard what happened. >

Me: < I don’t want to talk about it. >

A: < That’s OK. I won’t make you. Your step-dad needs the sample tiles and blueprints ready for tomorrow. I’ll be by later to drop them ok? and I’ll grab the last set of measurements.>

I stared at the phone, almost clenching it with my palm. I read his text again.

chapter 2 🖤

I retrieved my backpack from its slump in the corner. Math. French. The Catcher in the Rye. Cosmo. I stacked the reading material according to size, then placed the pile neatly on the corner of my desk. The display of scholarly aptitude served as balance to the Instax collage on the wall; a collage that documented the debauchery that was my 18th birthday.

As I sat down, I turned on the TV. 8-2 Blue Jays. I nodded to show the team my approval. First up: a literary classic. Delving into the life of Holden Caul?eld had been on my to-do list since yesterday.

chapter 3 🖤

I rubbed my eyes. The sound of steel- toes on hardwood had startled me awake.

Impressively, I was still straddling my chair; one leg flung over the back, one leg twisting sideways. Sports Centre was just finishing. It became apparent that today, I hadn’t found Salinger all that stimulating. I thought for a moment about why that could be.

I gazed around the room. My attention was drawn to towards the night-stand. The brightly illuminated display on the alarm clock read 10:57 pm. I gazed back. A sliver of light snuck through the gap between the door and the frame. Then, I caught the glimpse of a shadow walking down the stairs. Like a vision stolen from a fantasy, the silhouette approached my bedroom. There’s no way that Aidan could have read my mind.

Silence. Interrupted, finally by the whirling of a measuring tape being recoiled. A moment later, he pushed open the door, con?dent that a premonitory knock was unnecessary. As he stood in the threshold, his stare intensified as he made sense of my sprawled positioning. I sprang up from the chair, intending to meet him at the door. I had only taken a few steps when he grabbed my wrist and guided my return.

<Aidan> “Chill?” he queried, as he read the word that was printed across the ass of my shorts. “I heard what happened, and what they said about you. I’m going to make sure you get the experience you need. I’m going to I fuck you, alright?”

<Me>: I managed to muster up a nervous “uh-huh” in response. I looked him in the eyes. I turned away slightly as a shy smile crept across my face.

He barely brushed his lips on mine as he guided my arms into air. He lifted up the bottom of my tank top revealing my already swollen breasts. As it came off, I felt the soft cotton fabric graze across my face. I watched him carefully as he slipped his thumbs underneath the waistband of my shorts. Tugging them so they slipped down just past my hips. He paused and chuckled softly before refocusing.

With a final tug, my shorts slid down to meet my ankles. He stole a pillow o? the bed and dropped it to the rug on the floor. He pushed down firmly on my shoulders, and I was compelled to kneel in front of him. My feet were crossed behind me, entangled and bound by the chill.

I was comforted by the fact that I had at least tried this before, but I wanted to be better. I didn’t have much time to think as he leaned forward and paused deliberately. His cock right in front of my face. His hand clasped the base of his shaft. He wanted me to see it. To study it.

My eyes widened as I appreciated the size of his cock. His cock bulging, expanding over his grasped hand. He reached his free hand forward and placed his thumb just inside my lower lip; pulling it to create the perfect pout.

He stroked his shaft mindfully, and took a step forward to straddle my face. His balls resting so they covered my mouth; his skin cupped between my pursed lips. He rocked

his hips to show me where his balls were the most sensitive, and he used his hand to control the pressure that he wanted from my tongue. I broadened out my tongue letting it glide along his skin, then closed my lips, gently bringing his skin into my mouth. I sucked softly at the end of every stroke.

He changed his approach slightly; hinting that he needed something more. I opened my mouth widely, and with slow and steady suction I took one of his balls in my mouth, followed by the other, allowing my tongue to graze over his skin as I went. As he let out a sigh of relief, he gripped the back of my neck and wound my braids between his fingers. He tilted his hips back to empty my mouth. I was so focused on the task at hand, I hadn’t realized that his cock was throbbing.

He centred himself in front of my face and evened out his stance. He still had the braids of my hair wrapped around his hands. He used them as leverage as he drove my face forward. I opened my lips slightly to accommodate the tip of his cock. It felt smooth against the inside of my bottom lip. I made sure that the moistened areas inside my lips were able to trace a path around the perimeter of his tip. I used the edges of my lips purposefully; just to make sure his tip was glistening. I closed my lips, internalizing what I knew to be the most sensitive part. The underside of his cock receiving light, but deliberate strokes with my tongue. As I went, I used my tongue to precisely map every ridge and groove. My mouth’s movements were solely controlled by the moans he let out. With a full mouth, I looked up at him and I received an approving nod in return.

I was thrilled to receive the encouragement, and now I wanted his shaft to glisten too. I replenished the moisture around my lips, and lubricated his shaft. My tongue glided up and down his length in perfect, metered tempo. The tempo that would soon be matched by my hand; the fingers of my hand contoured, clasped to work in unison with my mouth. This time, I let my mouth cup his tip for moment. I pushed my jaw forward with intention, and I tilted my chin. I’d do anything to make sure that the back of my throat was ready to take all of him in.

I was struggling. There was about 2 inches of his shaft that just wouldn’t ?t. I tried desperately to take all of him. My mouth compelled to service him at an incrementally increased pace. His cock was pulsating; a sensation I could feel in my tongue as his cock plunged in and out of my mouth. As he became more swollen, my cheeks expanded with every stroke

Without warning, he clenched his teeth and shuddered lightly. He was barely able to control the ripples that I felt spread throughout his body. I knew where we were headed by the way he adjusted my braids in his hand.

Propelled forward, my mouth snapped open, sending his cock barreling down my throat. As the last two inches disappeared, my voice became nothing but a raspy plea as I struggled to breath. My previous struggles seemed like ancient history. My face nearly flush with his thighs at the end of every thrust. His strong but articulate fingers wiped away the drops that had just spilled over my eyelids.

Aidan tucked his hands under my arms, giving him the mechanical advantage to lift me up. He tossed me on the bed playfully, knowing that my feet were still chilled.

As I laid back, I writhed in anticipation as he spread my legs. My knees were bent, my feet ?at against the mattress. He settled himself to lie down in between in my legs, his face almost touching me. He used his thumb to stroke up and down lightly between my lips. He traced a circular path as he moved downward and rested his thumb just barely inside me.

He lowered his head and used the tip of his tongue to outline the edges of my clit. His thumb continued in a circular motion. His tongue showed independence and chose to accept a figure eight mission. My lips spread apart as he added slightly more pressure with his tongue.

Paroxsymal tremors took over my body. We both felt the warmth as it ran down my legs.

Aidan righted himself so he was kneeling between my legs. I shied away slightly as I caught a glimpse of his rock hard cock. His sly grin told me that I was about to get the final lesson for the day.

He reached over to demonstrate his dexterity. He opened the box and pulled one out. Starting at the slit edge of the gold package, he tore it open. He unrolled it all the way to the base so it grasped his entire shaft.

I couldn’t help but writhe with anticipation. I couldn’t stop myself from grinding my hips into the sheets.

He leaned backward and paused. His cock began to trace the same route that his fingers had. He paused again, encouraging me to look where the tip was positioned. He wanted me to watch what he was doing.

He wanted to make sure I had a front row seat the first time I would take a cock inside me. I couldn’t shift my gaze this time. I needed to see it. To feel it.

His eagerness led to a forceful thrust, sending his cock much deeper inside me than even he expected. All the muscles in my body became tense and then relaxed. The soft scream escaped through clenched teeth, muffling the noise. He returned his moistened thumb to my clit, this time, with much more intensity.

His eyes rolled back in his head slightly and mouthed the words “Holy Shit”. With no time to adjust, I could feel my lips spread apart as he pushed himself even deeper inside of me. I couldn’t stifle the scream that accompanied the feeling of being of split open. He dug his fingers into my thighs that still displayed the faint scratch marks from earlier. He started to thrust. Rhythmically and slowly. With each stroke he pulled back, so the tip of his cock was just at my opening, and then thrust forward again with no hesitation. There was no friction as my wetness poured out. He tightened up the circles he was making with his thumb and his cock continued to pound. His eyes met my gauze as he mouthed: “I’m going to cum”. I could feel my walls stretch with the throbbing of his swollen cock.

It started as a tingling between my legs, then became more of a rhythmic tremor. Spasms spread in all directions of my body. Finally, the release. All I could do now was lie still; exhausted. The grasp I had of him during his next thrust was enough to send him over the edge. His loud groan was accompanied by a warmth I felt inside of me as he came.

He continued to thrust until finally, his, groans faded. Now completely drained, Aidan rolled over to lie beside me.

I counted the dots on the ceiling tiles as my breathing returned to normal. The stillness paired with the quiet. I felt the pillow shift as he rolled over, then sat up. His legs were now dangling over the edge of the bed. “Bye”, he whispered softly and smiled. He leaned forward and tightened the laces of his worn, steel-toed boots. “Bye” , I responded after pausing for a moment. I smiled as I heard the sound of the screen door close and latch. I smiled again when the sound of footsteps returned. He made sure it really was.

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