A.O.V.I. T.echnology and Human Enhanced Augmented Reality [H.E.A.R.]πŸ–€

Title: The use of A.O.V.I. T.echnology [aural, oral, visual, and tactile imagery)Β  to create a Human Enhanced Augmented Reality [H.E.A.R.] experience.

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A.O.V.I. [aural, oral, and visual imagery with tactile enhancement] T.echnology
[frequency] [f][Hz][decibel] [dB][range][notes on sound production][perception]/[effect]/[outcome]
[perceived as pitch][perceived loudness] [receiver/recipient of message]
Physiological resonance 3 – 8 Hz [see further]   
1.0 Hz+5.0 dB – +20.0 dBsitting, standing (nearly) completely still; peak expiration; breath hold; slight mouth and jaw movement [nasopharynx]; [melody][harmony][spoken word]  calm
5.0 Hz+10.0 dB – +20.0 dBstanding, sitting, lying down / sleeping [supine, semi-supine] [per R.E.M. cycle]; with narrow impedance; on very slight exhalation [open glottis][oropharynx][mouth]; [melody][harmony][spoken word]anti-nausea, anti-emetic, analgesia, euphoria, attractiveness, orgasm quality [climax], vasodilation, improved speech pattern and articulation, to be likened by all
[low G][16th octave]
6.0 Hz+20.0 dBlying down / sleeping [supine][per R.E.M. cycle], transition [inflection] to 5.0 Hz; [melody][harmony][spoken word]nice, content, happy [feeling/emotion]
6.0 Hz+40.0 dBlying down / sleeping [supine][per R.E.M. cycle], transition [inflection] to 20.0 Hz; [melody][harmony][spoken word]orgasm [climax]
10.0 Hz+10.0 dBstanding tall, sitting tall, neck held in dorsoflexion 10Β° off horizontal; with projection throughout respiratory phase; [melody][harmony][spoken word]excited, alert
12.0 Hz+10.0 dBstanding tall, sitting tall, neck held in dorsoflexion 20Β° off horizontal; with projection throughout respiratory phase; [melody][harmony][spoken word]happy, excited, energetic, satiety, social awareness, spatial awareness; [perpetuated over proceeding 1 minute]
20.0 Hz+25.0 dB – +40.0 dBstanding, sitting, neck held in normoflexion 0Β° off horizontal, with projection throughout respiratory phase, further on exhalation; [melody][harmony][spoken word]increased focus, attention to detail, observational capacity, motivation; [1 minute to initial effect][perpetuated over proceeding 5 minutes thereafter]
A.O.V.I. T.echnology / Infrasound / [TCP/IP] on the wave / Jennifer Joy Brenley Nyhof

R.E.M. [Rapid Eye Movement]

Hz [Hertz][S.I. Unit of Frequency]

dB [Decibel]

With acknowledgement and reference to Morton and Ohlbaum. August 1976. Mechanical Resonant Frequency of the Human Eye in Vivo. Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory. Aerospace Medical Division. Air Force System Command. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, 45433. Attn: A

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Dr. Jennifer Joy Brenley Nyhof

Summary: A multi-dimensional, criteria-based model to facilitate communication, increase levels of consumer satisfaction, drive cross-sector industry growth, and improve public health-related outcomes.

The technology represents its own novel and innovative form of media. It can also be easily and cost effectively integrated with other technologies.   The technology relies on the foundational principles that were borrowed from the fields of behavioral psychology, neurology, education, music theory, linguistics, and the biological, chemical, and physical sciences. It was developed with careful consideration given to the following: word choice,  parts of speech, patterns of speech, articulation, tone, tempo (or rate of speech), breathing patterns, facial expressions, and body language. Environmental factors were also carefully considered during development, with specific criteria being established to further enhance the imagery. Proprietary methods are used to create, capture, record, and distribute the final product.

A team-based approach is needed for the successful implementation of A.O.V.I. T.echnology and H.E.A.R. Each team member possesses a unique skill set, and each is comfortable with their knowledge base. Team members are selected based on expertise within their respective field(s). Moreso, team members are committed to working within an environment of mutual respect.

This is now the β€œgold-standard”.

A.O.V.I. T.echnology and the Human Enhanced Augmented Reality [H.E.A.R.] Experience as an audio recording on cassette tape.

The term infrasound generally describes sound that has a frequency within the range of 0 Hertz (Hz) to 20 Hz.

This recording is complete with infrasound of frequency 5 Hz, plus audible background track (from the recording device itself).

Infrasound, including sound at 5 Hz (the frequency) is sound that is below the threshold of hearing, but above the threshold of perception [unconscious / conscious perception].

The recorded audio may be used in context of: “The Story of the Night Light” [as written, directed, and produced by Jennifer Joy Brenley Nyhof]

As heard previously on β€œThe Jenn Show” and 92.9 FM

Recommended use: 20 – 30 minutes per session [A.O.V.I. T.echnology with H.E.A.R], 2 – 3 sessions per day [Side A, Side B, Side A], with sessions [ideally] spaced 6 hours apart.

Run Time: There is a minimum of 30 minutes of standard play recording [to a maximum of 60 minutes of extended play recording] on EACH side [A and B] of this audio cassette.

Cassette player sold separately.

Jennifer Joy Brenley Nyhof

BSc., BEH, DVM, Ph.D.


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