A.O.V.I. T.echnology and Human Enhanced Augmented Reality [H.E.A.R.]πŸ–€

Title: The use of A.O.V.I. T.echnology [aural, oral, visual, and tactile imagery)  to create a Human Enhanced Augmented Reality [H.E.A.R.] experience.

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Dr. Jennifer Joy Brenley Nyhof

Summary: A multi-dimensional, criteria-based model to facilitate communication, increase levels of consumer satisfaction, drive cross-sector industry growth, and improve public health-related outcomes.

The technology represents its own novel and innovative form of media. It can also be easily and cost effectively integrated with other technologies.   The technology relies on the foundational principles that were borrowed from the fields of behavioral psychology, neurology, education, music theory, linguistics, and the biological, chemical, and physical sciences. It was developed with careful consideration given to the following: word choice,  parts of speech, patterns of speech, articulation, tone, tempo (or rate of speech), breathing patterns, facial expressions, and body language. Environmental factors were also carefully considered during development, with specific criteria being established to further enhance the imagery. Proprietary methods are used to create, capture, record, and distribute the final product.

A team-based approach is needed for the successful implementation of A.O.V.I. T.echnology and H.E.A.R. Each team member possesses a unique skill set, and each is comfortable with their knowledge base. Team members are selected based on expertise within their respective field(s). Moreso, team members are committed to working within an environment of mutual respect.

This is now the β€œgold-standard”.


Jennifer Joy Brenley Nyhof

BSc., BEH, DVM, Ph.D.

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